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Blinds & Shutters - Lake Harding, GA | AL

Posted: 3/11/2017

Window Film Promotions

Don't block the view with blinds or shutters on Lake Harding...Reduce the Heat, Glare and UV Rays but Keep the View with Performance Window Films, LLC!! Energy Efficient solutions with professional 3M™ glass window tinting services for residential & commercial projects near the Lake Harding area. The installers are not car tinters, they are fully accredited architectural specialist. 3M™ Window Films are designed to block over 99% of the sun's damaging UV Rays while still maintaining the view. Prestige window films present a neutral uniform appearance from the outside while helping to preserve the furnishings, window treatments and other valuables on the inside. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended 3M™ films as a device for UV protection of the skin. The Smart Choice Compared to Window Replacement!

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Lake Harding Window Film


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